Parish Newsletter (June 2017)


Dear Friends,

I began this letter by saving it under the month number, and realise that we are (how can this be?) into month 6 of 2017 – nearly half way through the year – where did that go?! I am reminded of a Michel Quoist reflection on 'Time' which talks of each phase of life where we do not have time for God because of all the things we are doing, until the end when we have not time. The reflection questions the Almighty – surely there is some mistake, not enough hours, days week? It ends with the recognition that, there is no mistake, each minute, hour, day, is a gift, to be filled to the brim with being and doing the will of God. It occurred to me the other day that an occasional audit of how we spend our time is a very good thing to do – indeed it is the intention that the Wardens and I look at just that soon, in the light of the future mission and ministry in our parishes.

The prayer 'Thy Kingdom Come' continues on our lips, and I hope, in our hearts as we seek to discern God's will for us. Following up on last month, do look at the card in Settle prayer space/side chapel, from baby Lydia's parents. We thank God for them and their faith as we thank God too for Lydia's progress and healing.

This month begins with Pentecost, and moves swiftly to Trinity and into the long Summer season of so-called 'ordinary time'. This will be anything but ordinary in June for us, with Sarah Fox at St Alkelda church as part of the Voices of Craven festival and all the rest of that festival, our 3 parishes service at Rathmell for Trinity Sunday, a Messy Church picnic, another wedding at Settle and at the end of the month a celebration of the renovation of the Weston family memorial outside Rathmell church. We shall also be receiving the Living Stones feedback which had to be re-scheduled from May 23rd

This month is also when we shall be starting to formulate plans around future worship patterns in our churches, and there will be reflection taking place on ministry patterns in our parishes and beyond. We shall be recommissioning, recruiting and training Worship Leaders as we look to grow the mission and discipleship in our area. But most importantly in all this, we shall be seeking 'the mind of Christ' so that we can truly reflect the Kingdom, growing ourselves and others in discipleship. This will not be simple, the Holy Spirit is not a rubber stamp for our own ideas, or unthinking repetition of familiar and favourite patterns of doing things. We need to be sensitive to the signs of our times, and as Justin Welby puts it, 'hoist the sail when we feel the wind of the Spirit blowing'.

Love and more Easter Blessings, Hilary




Wednesday, May 31st at 11 a.m. – rehearsal at St. Alkelda’s

Thursday, June 22nd  at 7.00p.m. – whole group rehearsal at Settle    


Thursday, June 1st  at 7.00p.m - Opening Concert at the Coniston Hotel.
 ‘Opera, Song and All That Jazz’  with Bibi Heal & Neil C Young.

Saturday, June 10th at 7.00p.m.  at St. Alkelda’s, Giggleswick
Sarah Fox and Friends’.  
Sarah will be joined by Graeme Danby, Valerie Reid and Austin Gunn, regulars at the Royal and English National Operas

Thursday, June 15th at 7.00p.m. at St. James’ Church, Clapham
Voices of the People – a celebration of folk’  with Maddy  Prior (of Steeleye Span) and special guests.

Saturday, June 17th at 1.00p.m. at St. Andrew’s Church, Gargrave
Gospel Touch – Vocal Workshop’  A workshop led by members of the Gospel Touch choir followed by
A Family Friendly Concert’      at 4.00p.m..

Saturday, June 24th at 7.00p.m. in Giggleswick School’s Chapel
With One Voice – Finale Concert’

Whilst the world wrestles with division & discord, the Voices of Craven Choir has been exploring the power of music to unite us all. 

Choral Director, Tom Leech, has put together a programme of music from around the globe to excite and inspire us all. Bibi Heal & Douglas Rice-Bowen return as soloists along with professional singers and musicians performing in concert with the Voices of Craven Choir.

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