Parish Newsletter (August)


Dear Friends
With lots of endings now done, we are into holiday season. Supposedly this is an opportunity to slow down, though covering for one another while holidays take place can mean it's not that much of an easing off. However I do hope you find time to recuperate spiritually as well as mentally and physically. Christ's incarnation shows us that God connects with the whole of us, not just the 'spiritual' bit, and that can be a great comfort when the physical existence isn't going well, but it is our whole being that needs refreshing, may we all find that this Summer season.

Many of us were shocked by the suddenness of the death of Elizabeth Gray. Her strength and determination impressed people. She had continued to go out and do what pleased her and enriched her life, often taking others with her. 
She had strong opinions and was willing to express them, many will remember lively discussions! Although her death was unexpectedly sudden, friends of Elizabeth are happy for her that she was saved the worst of a difficult death having fought cancer so bravely for so long
Our thoughts and prayer are with all who will miss her most. Her family say of her that she believed all regions equal, and she certainly was at home with a variety of Christian practice. May she rest in peace.

Holiday time it may be, but Living Stones work continues apace. Many thanks to Sue Booth who has been supporting our churches. Watch the notice sheets for information on meetings to further work on Settle kitchen project and the Parish Rooms in Giggleswick. And more importantly, do support the work of the mission/outreach group, whose first meeting I shall miss on July 31st . If you have a heart for community-facing work for Christ, do get in touch with Sue or myself – you are needed in Kingdom work.
Every blessing Hilary


Reflections on July

Celebrations at Rathmell took place again this month, this time for the primary school so sadly closing its doors to pupils for the last time as the Summer term ended on July 21st. Well done indeed to everyone who made the celebrations and rememberings both real and touching, and gave every pupil an excellent experience to take into their new schools next year. Nearly a third of the pupils were moving on to secondary school, and they didn't miss out just because everyone was going. Staff and pupils worked really hard to bring Rathmell's past to life, and to celebrate the school career of every child from the earliest reception to the 6 young people in Year 6. Well done indeed.
Also a big THANK YOU to Bishop Jonathan of Huddersfield who was able to join us on Sunday July 23rd for the church service celebrating the school. There should be some pictures of the congregation beneath the window of the East window depicting the Good Shepherd, after the Bishop spoke on John 10. 1-16

Living Stones projects 
Sue Booth, diocesan officer for buildings and mission, has helped our parishes to discern the immediate way forward and next steps to becoming the welcoming and well-resourced churches we aspire to. Wardens met with Sue and Archdeacon Bev, and with one or two others (meeting at the Lion) the bones of a vision were discerned. Three areas of work have been immediately identified, with Settle as a major focus because of its location and small congregation. Groups are now underway working on Settle kitchen, 

New Service Patterns
At the July PCCs meetings a pattern worked out by lay worship leaders and Wardens with Hilary was discussed. This will now be reflected on and any necessary adjustments made for approval in October's PCCs for introduction in December as the new Church year begins. The key elements of the plan are that ordinarily main service times will be the same in all the churches, with one shared service three Sundays in the month, and a service in each church on the fourth. 5th Sundays are planned to be a single service either at Settle or Giggleswick. There will never be a Sunday when there is no service in either of the larger churches, but it will not always be the 10am service, on this plan. Do talk to one of the PCC if you have any thoughts – we do realise that not everyone can have exactly what they want where they want it, but this plan offers more opportunity for shared worship and is more manageable by one priest.

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