Newsletter (September 2016)


Newsletter for September 2016 from Settle Vicarage

Dear Friends,

August seems to have vanished into a time warp, what happened to those long summers I remember from childhood? September sees us back into the busy-ness of school terms and all that goes with that, leading to Christmas with barely a pause at the Remembering and thanksgiving times (oh, and Hallowe’en, for the secular world). The question for me is 'Will there be any shred of the good intentions of last month left by the end of this one?'  - to keep spaces available to be alone with God, so that the work times are good too.

Well of course, I hope so, though it may take some conscious effort in the midst of inevitable activity. In the first place there is the Diocesan Clergy Conference – where we meet as those who serve and minister in Diocesan posts in this huge and relatively new church administrative area: The Diocese of Leeds (Anglican). All clergy are expected to attend or have a very good reason not to, so we are most grateful to retired colleagues for holding the fort in the general absence although, since it is midweek, most people probably won't notice!

Then there is our 3 parishes’ away time, which is designed to give some space to those who can attend to enjoy one another's company, rest, and refresh our vision, bearing in mind our ongoing need to work together. With God's grace, we will be able to share some of that when we return, with those of you who can't be there but can worship here that Sunday. Please note that there is one main service at 11am at Settle Church on Sunday September 18thThere will be an 8a.m. service of Holy Communion that morning at St Alkelda’s as usual with Stephen Dawson presiding.

The Olympic themes of 'Get Inspired' and TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More

continue to resonate in Christian life as much as in the world of sport. How good to see elite athletes give praise to God in their success. Let us not forget our calling to be as dedicated in our spiritual lives as they have to be in their physical training, aware and glad that unlike at the Olympics, anyone can be a winner, through the power of what God has done for us in Jesus.           

Alleluia! Let us celebrate.

Love from Hilary


Events In August – look back


Rathmell Church roof, gutters and heating work, due to finish in August, will actually be complete early September. Again, thank you everyone who has worked hard on the project and enabled worship to continue. We shall be in the Reading Room for the first Sunday in September.


CtiSD Songs of Praise at Holy Ascension followed an 'Olympic' theme led by Stephen Normanton. Despite cloud and wind it remained dry, and hardy souls met outside and enjoyed ecumenical fellowship prayer and song.


The Mother's Union celebrated 140 years on Mary Sumner Day with a 'proper' tea party, which was much enjoyed and raised a good sum for MU charities as well as providing a delightful afternoon out.


Parish Away Time
The details are now being finalised, and rooms reserved. There are three twin rooms not yet spoken for, so it is not too late to sign up a few extra people. We are taking one or two people who may not join in with the formal sessions, so if that's how you feel, do let me know, it will be good just to 'be' together.

On our return there will be a special service to share with those here some of what we have learned and experienced. We pray God's blessing on that and our time away together.

Sunday, September 24th at 11.00a.m. – a joint service for Giggleswick and Rathmell will be held at St. Alkelda’s to welcome the Rev. Susan Bentley and her husband, Michael. Susan is the Parish Priest at St. James’ Church in Roanoke, which is our link parish in the diocese of Southwest Virginia. This is not their first visit because Susan did a pulpit swap with Peter Yorkstone for two weeks. Several folk from StA’s have visited Roanoke, most recently a group of 10 in 2006.

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