Newsletter (August 2016)


Newsletter for August 2016 from Settle Vicarage


Dear Friends,

The bench outside Settle Holy Ascension church reads 'Come ye apart and rest awhile' (Mark 6.31). It caught my attention recently as I passed, and I caught myself thinking something along the lines of 'fat chance' and 'fine if you can do it' which was more than a little unfair and ungracious of me, since I'd just returned to work after a couple of weeks away with Norman (the longest holiday in one go that we've been on for many, many years). We had a lovely break, and returned to some 'iffy' English weather and a busy couple of days getting involved in end-of-term for the local primary schools as well as the usual parish duties. The result is that the holiday seems ages ago already, in less than a week. It doesn't mean that it did no good of course, and that's what I wanted to share.

 It is really important in one way or another, to 'rest awhile' setting time aside to be with God and away from the general business of everyday life. That doesn't have to be (and for many cannot be) a fortnight's holiday abroad. But I came back determined (how long this lasts, time will tell) not to become as tired and in need of a break as I was this year. It gives no glory to God, and is not in his plan for us to be worn down in his service. Not that a commitment to service does not include hard work and self sacrifice, indeed it requires both. But Jesus' own pattern of ministry should be ours, and he spent regular quite long periods in private communion with God, and taught his disciples to do the same. In that way we become equipped to deal with the hard work of the Kingdom in the time we are given. We must never forget that we can do nothing FOR God without doing it WITH God, and Jesus says 'come to me those who are carrying heavy burdens and I will refresh you/give you rest (Matthew 11.28)'. So, holidays are a good thing, they are meant to be holy times, celebrations of the Kingdom. I pray that for all of our readers, home or away, and especially for all who have worked so hard in our schools, this Summer will have 'holy' time in it for rest and refreshment for body, mind and spirit.                                  

Love from Hilary

A look back at events in July

Work continues on Rathmell Church roof and gutters, with a pause for the wedding it so unfortunately has ended up coinciding with. Thank you everyone who has worked so hard to birth and progress this project and enable worship to continue. The work is scheduled to finish mid-August, so we hope to be back in church for September.

Thank you to Roger and Christine Booth for hosting a lovely summer BBQ in aid of Rathmell church funds, on Saturday July 20th. The event was blessed with sunshine, and a good turnout enjoyed good food in a beautiful setting. Well done everyone.


These took place in Wakefield Cathedral in July, please continue to pray for the new Priests and Deacons in their new posts, especially Alex Ladds from St Alkelda’s/Giggleswick School serving his title in Wharfedale and Tim Madely serving in the Ingleborough team.

Schools’ End of Term

Our schools all celebrated achievements and said farewell to leavers as they closed for the Summer. Please pray for all of them, primary and secondary, staff, children, parents and Governors as the schools are closed.

Informal Worship at St. Alkelda’s

We are again in a transition time with worship planning. Simon Eden is no longer able to lead the music at Informal Worship, and that, with several other changes of circumstances for people associated with that service means that it is under review. During August, there will be someone at St. Alkelda’s at 4.30 to lead prayers and music of some form as 'Informal Informal' and there will be refreshments available. We will then publicise future plans for Informal Worship.

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